There is not just a big brand under the comfortableness and comfort which is grow gradually from the apple of Anatolia’s eye Eskişehir to whole Turkey, from Turkey to the whole world; there is a hidden story starting from a great effort and from Eskişehir the Cultural Capital… We call this story as Cardin… We are taking firm steps forward to become the locomotive of the sector with our furniture production that is durable, comfy, comfortable and amazing prices. While Cardin adds new pages to its journal it started to sign in 2006, Cardin adds privilege with a growing effort and quality to the excitement of the first day. Cardin, which increases its production capacity with advanced technology every day, carries its comfy and comfort one step above every day with more than 65 branches in Turkey and dealerships abroad.

We produce comfortableness, we produce comfort, we produce quality with our 350 employees in our production field, which is based on 65,000 m2 area… We make difference with our unique lines, our unique designs and superior service quality not only with our production and sales but also with our after-sale service privilege. In this journey we started in Eskişehir, we feel right proud of reaching all over the world and of the Cardin brand, which is growing every day. With our production machines at the highest level of technology, our fabric quality in European standards, our quality control tests and our constantly renewed production concept, we are in Germany, in Azerbaijan, in Belgium, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Bulgaria, in Algeria, in Denmark, in Morocco, in France, in Georgia, in Iraq, in Iran, in Cyprus, in Kazakhstan, in Libya, in Lebanon, in Egypt, in Jordan, in Venezuela in a short time. We’re at 30 different points abroad for now.

We are growing. We are taking firm steps forward to become a world brand with our rising brand value from the middle of Anatolian steppe.

“We bring together our designs starting from the tree and reaching the art with more people and more places every passing day with our sofa sets, dining rooms, bedrooms, TV units, cloakroom groups. With our principle of superior quality-reasonable price, we expect you to World of Cardin.”